Why Is My Toilet Bubbling?

You may have a problem with your toilet, no matter which model you have. If it is constantly running or gurgling, there could be a blockage. When air is forced up through the sewer, it can cause a gurgling sound. This could be an indication of a blocked line. It is not a serious problem, and you can usually fix it yourself or ask plumbers.

Safety Considerations

To stop the toilet from gurgling, do not use caustic cleaning products or drain cleaners. These products may cause respiratory problems or even damage to the toilet. When working with sewage or sludge, wear gloves and wash thoroughly with soap and hot water.

How to Fix a Gurgling Toilet with Your Own?

To locate the source of the gurgling, flush the toilet. The gurgle is often coming from the bowl of the toilet, and not the tank. The gurgling sound or bubbling is usually caused by a blocked drain or vent stack.

Wear gloves or other protective gear when fixing a toilet that is gurgling. You may be in contact with brown or gray water.


Plunge the toilet

To begin, use a toilet plunger to clear the bowl. Obstructions can cause water to back up even if it is not visible in the bowl. Other items than water-soluble paper, such as swabs and wipes, feminine products, paper towels, and feminine hygiene products, can cause obstructions.

To unclog your toilet, use a toilet plunger and not a sink plunger with a bell shape. Fill the flange with water and then tighten the flange around the base. Then, push the handle downward. You can use a 2-liter plastic bottle to act as a improvised toilet plunger if you don’t have a plunger.

Snake the Toilet

The toilet auger is a manual tool with a handle ranging from 3 to 6 feet long. The wire spiral will be rotated by turning the handle to grab and remove the obstruction.

Check the Vent Stack

Climb safely on your roof using a ladder that is tall enough to reach the top of the home. Assist with the stability of the ladder by having an assistant. Bring a light source.

The vent stack is located above the toilet. Vent stacks are vertical pipes with an open end. They relieve pressure from the drainage system. The end of the vent-stack may be blocked by bird’s nests or leaves. It could also be blocked by snow, ice, or a combination. The obstruction creates a siphoning effect that produces the gurgling noise.

Remove Debris from the Vent Stack

Remove obstructions from vent stacks with your hands. Use the flashlight to check the first few feet if none are visible. Sink drain snakes (augers) can be used to grab obstructions at the end of the vent stack and lift them. Make sure you don’t drop any objects or the flashlight into the vent stack.

Flush out the vent Stack

Water can be used to flush out any loose debris that is not easily removed from the vent stack. Water will flow down the drain line and eventually into the sewer.

Use a garden hose with low volume water to flush the vent stack. Too much fluid could inundate the drains below.


Contact a plumber as soon as you hear the toilet gurgling or see water backing up. A plumber might need to gain access to your home’s sewer system through the clean-out. This is a capped pipe that can be found outdoors or in utility rooms. It allows the plumber to reach the sewer without going through the toilet or sink.

DIY Toilet Repair vs. Hiring a Professional

You don’t need to call for a plumber if you know how to fix a toilet that is gurgling. The majority of DIY fixes, such as augering or plunging a toilet, or clearing vent stacks are cheap and effective. A toilet auger can cost $10-$20.

Hire a plumber for augering the sewer main, conducting a video inspection, unclogging problem obstructions in your toilet, or clearing vent stacks. plumbers usually charge between $45 and $200 an hour. Unclogging toilets costs $175 per flat. The total cost will be approximately $275 if the toilet has to be removed.

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