Landscaping Tips for High-Traffic Areas

Maintaining a vibrant lawn goes beyond routine watering and fertilization. Introducing landscaping or hardscape designs can greatly enhance areas of your lawn subjected to frequent foot traffic.

Hardscaping and landscape design possess the potential to metamorphose your yard from a struggling space into one that is both enjoyable and functional.

Consider replacing the grass in sections of your lawn exposed to substantial foot traffic, such as the area around and beneath your child’s play area. Mulch, rubber mulch, and gravel stand out as viable alternatives that can withstand the rigors of children’s activities more effectively than grass.

An automated system, properly zoned and designed, can fortify your lawn to endure significant foot traffic. Adequate water, delivered at the right times, encourages the development of a robust root system. Additionally, proper zoning helps prevent overwatering, which can lead to soil compaction and subsequent lawn issues.

Areas experiencing heavy foot traffic due to people and pets taking shortcuts across the lawn can be addressed by replacing the grass with patios, walkways, or hardscapes, depending on the location, size, and personal hardscaping preferences.

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