Why Roaches Infest Your Buffalo Grove Home

Cockroaches can survive in various climates and environments. These household pests can be dangerous to people as they carry bacteria and viruses. Also, these insects can contaminate food sources and trigger asthma attacks. Because roaches can withstand harsh conditions, they are hard to eliminate after they invade a house. This makes it crucial to know what draws them in the first place. No matter the size of a roach infestation, a pest control company in Buffalo Grove can handle it for you. 

The Feeding Behavior of Cockroaches

Roaches are nocturnal creatures, scavenging for food and feeding at night. However, their feeding patterns can vary depending on the species. Below are the different species of roaches:

  • American cockroaches. These are reddish, brown roaches that have a yellow-tinged pattern located at the back of their heads. These are bigger roaches than other species that can grow up to 1.6 inches. These species are especially attracted to fermenting foods. 
  • German cockroaches. These species prefer to be in a humid, warm environment close to sources of food and water. They are the species that commonly infest homes. 
  • Oriental cockroaches. These species can be distinguished by their shiny black, oval form. They need a dependable source of water to survive. Although they can survive for one month without food, they could die after more than two months without water. These roaches are drawn to starchy food like leftover bread and decaying organic matter.

What Do Roaches Eat?

In general, roaches are no picky eaters. Although they eat several human foods, their diets are diverse. These pests consume a variety of protein sources, decaying organic matter, insects, and materials such as cardboard. 

Preventing a Roach Infestation

A lot of environmental factors draw cockroaches and lead to an infestation. Moisture and food are the main factors. 

To prevent an infestation, you need to eliminate their sources of food. Because their diets can include different materials, you must keep your place clean to minimize attractants. To keep roaches at bay, clean dirty dishes right away. Also, countertops and food prep areas must be sanitized. Taking out the trash regularly can go a long way when it comes to roach control. To make your home less attractive to these insects, do not leave spills and crumbs on the floor. Also, use airtight containers for storing your food. 

In terms of moisture, roaches are attracted to standing water and leaks that come from drains, faucets, and sinks. Some roach species favor damp environments that have high humidity levels. 

Should You Hire Pest Control Experts When Dealing with Roaches?

Cockroaches are a kind of pests that do not give up. These insects do not die easily. Seeing even one roach in your house can mean that a lot more of them can be hiding somewhere. Even if you believe you have eliminated them from your home, roaches can still hang in there. This is the reason you need pest control experts to handle a roach infestation for you. These experts can plan the right approach and have extensive experience controlling roach populations. Also, they know the right kind of solutions to use to eradicate an entire population in one go.