Benefits of a Salt Water Pool

Over half of all new in ground pools are now saltwater pools. Even owners of regular chlorinated swimming pools are making the switch to saltwater systems. Why do consumers prefer saltwater pools over traditional pool sanitizers? There are several benefits to using saltwater pools over other sanitizers.

Pool Sanitization

All pools and spas need sanitation for clean, clear water. Hayward’s top-selling global sanitization product makes it easy to enjoy a healthy swim with sparkling, clear water.

Salt chlorination is the most popular way to sanitize pools and spas. It provides a more natural, convenient, and cost-effective option compared to harsh chemical liquids and solids usually used for pool sanitization. It’s also a more affordable choice than chemical sanitization.

Similar to traditional chlorine pools, saltwater pools need the right levels of pH and total alkalinity. A simple formula helps calculate the amount of sodium needed for the right salinity level. Also, note that converting your pool is quite simple, and draining is not necessary. Maintaining water balance is crucial to protect pool equipment and users by enhancing the effectiveness of chlorine in eliminating bacteria, viruses, and algae. For assistance with water chemistry, contact your local pool professional for tailored advice.

Benefits of Salt Water Pools

Sanitizing saltwater pools is more convenient than traditional chlorinated pools. These dependable systems are independent and easy to maintain.

  • The saltwater chlorination process results in clear, silky, smooth water, providing a luxurious soft feel.
  • In contrast to harsh chemicals like chlorine, salt chlorination is a natural method of sanitization.
  • With fewer chloramines produced, saltwater creates a more pleasant and healthy swimming environment.
  • Salt cells are cheaper than liquid or solid forms of chlorine.
  • Using saltwater pools can reduce irritation to the skin and eyes, as well as minimize the chlorine smell.

Salt Chlorinator Technology

If you’re planning to build a saltwater pool or convert an existing pool, it’s essential to understand salt chlorinator technology.

Salt chlorinators transform salt into chlorine to disinfect pool water. The salinity levels are low, only 3,000 parts/million. Pool owners are often surprised to learn that just a teaspoonful of salt, the same amount as in a tear, is enough to make clear, clean water. The pool water won’t taste or smell salty.

Chlorine generator systems transform dissolved salt into the ideal amount of chlorine, providing sanitized and silky-smooth water for a healthy swimming experience. It’s less expensive and easier to maintain than chemical chlorine.

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